Devcasting on Adobe, Google, Vista, Firefox, and More

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Devcasting Mobile-ready link is a new cast that discusses random development topics. Their first episode Mobile-ready link was pretty good. I did want to share my thoughts on a few of the topics they discussed.

First, the discussion on Adobe Apollo Mobile-ready link was good. My brief thoughts are that Adobe's trying to bite off too much. Microsoft did it with their original thoughts on Vista (Longhorn, at the time) and all it did was cause problems on multiple fronts. I expect Adobe to see the same type of issues and the delays that go along with them. At the same time, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) will be gaining momentum in the Windows world with WPF/E ("E" for everywhere) will be slowly seeping into the web world on other platforms and browsers. While Flash has time on its side, I see WPF, with WPF/E as a part of that, to be a vastly superior technology. Adobe needs Apollo today. There will probably be a slow start with WPF, but I see a half-and-half WPF/Flash world in 2008, 2009 at the latest.

Another topic that came up was Google's request to have Google search as an option in IE7 Mobile-ready link. While I understand this, I have to say that just adding Google wouldn't really be fair. What about the other search engines? Now, I will say this is an opportunity for Microsoft to make some money. If Google really wants it, Microsoft should put a price on it. With as wide of a distribution IE7 will get, that should cost a pretty penny, in my opinion. Outside of that, they'll just have to keep on keepin' on with their custom IE install.

Of course, the Google seach in IE idea sparked something I thought of when I first saw Vista: Should Vista provide support for other desktop search engines? This may be more and more of a problem as Vista becomes more mainstream, since search is baked into the OS. If someone prefers Google Desktop Search, replacing Windows Desktop Search can't be an easy task and nobody would want both running. Granted, you can turn off indexing, but without integrating another search engine into the OS would leave you at a major disadvantage, in my opinion. Sure, you can get to content without search, but it's so much easier and better, in my opinion. I haven't looked at the possibilities in this arena, but if Google wants to compete here, they'll have to.

One big thing I'm glad to hear about was the screen rotator in Windows Mobility Center Mobile-ready link. I noticed my tablet wasn't rotating anymore after installing Vista and it's been somewhat aggravating. I've downloaded the latest drivers, but it still doesn't work correctly. While I've known about the Mobility Center, I guess I didn't realize there was a screen rotator in there. Thank you! Now, all I need is a shortcut and/or icon to click instead of manually having to activate it from the keyboard. I may work on that, depending on what info is out there on integration.

Lastly, Firefox 2.0 came up with all its complaints. I admit, I was a very big Firefox user. I still love Firefox, but after IE7, I just don't feel the overwhelming need for it. I have both on my computers, but IE7 is my primary browser. Anyway, Firefox 2.0 has been getting a lot of complaints. Part of that is because of some bugs due to a rush to get it out, but I think the larger issue is due to IE7. I can't remember who said it, but IE7 was a huge improvement, while Firefox 2 was a very minor improvement. I think the hardcore Firefox enthusiasts are upset that IE7 gained so much ground on technical capabilities in the new browser war. There's still ground there, but if Microsoft takes this on as they've done in the past, it's only a matter of time before IE supercedes Firefox. I can see another interesting release for IE coming by the end of 2007, but I don't think it'll be as major.

Aside from these topics, more were discussed. I just wanted to comment on these. Check out the cast and enjoy the other 2 that are out right now. I'll be sure to catch up with them soon, that's for sure.