PowerShell Tip: Getting Started

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Windows PowerShell

I just wanted to share a small script that creates a new profile and registers the ps1 file extension. For those that don't know, ps1 is the default extension for PowerShell scripts. Of course, there's a difference between ps1 and bat or cmd. If you double-click a ps1 file in Windows Explorer, it'll open in Notepad. What's up with that!? Apparently, this was done for security reasons. The idea is that, since you can't simply double-click on the file to execute it, hopefully you'll actually look at it to make sure it's not going to kill your system. PowerShell is much more dangerous than traditional batch files are, so this is probably a good thing. With that in mind, PowerShell, by default, doesn't allow you to even execute these ps1 files. To do that, you have to set the execution policy. Anyway, here's the script...

# create profile script
$dir = [System.IO.DirectoryInfo]$profile
New-Item -Type Directory -Path $dir.Parent.FullName

# enable the ability to execute ps1 files
Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

I found this online a while ago, but I don't remember where. The only other thing I want to mention, since I imagine some people might freak out by it is the New-Item cmdlet, is that there's a function that simplifies this call and gives us a familiar DOS experience: md. I always thought md was an alias, but never bothered to consider why/how the New-Item cmdlet was determining that you wanted a directory.