The Social Inbox

By Michael Flanakin @ 3:17 AM :: 1219 Views :: Technology :: Digg it!

Looks like Google and Yahoo have plans to make your inbox a social networking nexxus. I have to admit I like the idea. The only problem is how to display it. Yahoo's idea is that you care more about email from your contacts than others, which is a very good one, in my opinion. Most Outlook users implement rules to add this type of functionality, which works, but has never been 100% for me. Maybe I don't know what I'm doing, tho. I guess my problem with the whole idea is the same as my problem with rules. My inbox is my todo list. If something goes in another location, I ignore it. For this reason, rules do more harm than good. In Outlook, I tend to maximize my inbox-viewing real-estate by docking and minimizing the folders and calendar/tasks toolbars to each side. I love the capability, but this comes at a cost -- namely, I can't see how many emails are in each folder or what appointments or tasks I have. Bottom line is I hope the idea spreads and Microsoft picks up on it for Windows Live and Outlook. I'm interested in what each group will come out with.