Blocked Phishing Attempts

By Michael Flanakin @ 5:12 PM :: 1122 Views :: Technology :: Digg it!

IE has supposedly blocked 900,000 phishing attempts per week within the first year of operation. With 300 million installs, that equates to one phishing attempt for every 333rd person. Granted, I probably don't know 333 people who've installed IE7, but I haven't seen one phishing attempt. We aren't the typical users, tho, so maybe others are balancing that out. Just curious what others' experiences are. I do find it funny the feature was pretty highly touted at its release, but has obviously turned out to be of minimal benefit. Maybe it's just me, tho. Don't get me wrong, 900,000 blocked attempts is definitely good. I guess I was expecting a higher percentage than .3%. I wonder what it's like for other browsers.

Update (12/14/2007): Corrected the statement about 900,000 phishing attempts in the first year; it was 900,000 per week. Thanks, Eric Syndicated feed!