Microsoft's New Open Source Licenses

By Michael Flanakin @ 8:36 PM :: 1524 Views :: Technology, Microsoft, Open Source/Standards :: Digg it!
A month late, but still newsworthy, Microsoft's Reciprocal and Public Licenses, Ms-RL (via OSI) and Ms-PL (via OSI), have both been approved by the Open Source Initiative (OSI). If neither of these sound familiar to you, you're probably more familiar with the Reference and Permissive Licenses. The Microsoft Reference License is Microsoft's most restrictive license and is what was chosen when .NET went open source. So, where did these two come from? Well, they were renamed. Originally, these were submitted as the Microsoft Community and Permissive Licenses. I remember noting some debate on the name of the Permissive License, so I imagine the same debate forced a rename of the former. I think the name changes were good -- they seem more direct and explanatory. I know some things were questioned, but don't honestly know how much changed about the licenses. Perhaps my favorite thing about these licenses, including the Microsoft Reference License, is their brevity. Too many licenses are over-complicated *cough, cough* GPLv3 *cough, cough* ;-)