LSU Creeping Up on USC

By Michael Flanakin @ 11:17 AM :: 1844 Views :: LSU :: Digg it!
While only game 2 of the season, LSU is definitely working on proving their worth. 9th-ranked Virginia Tech met 2nd-ranked LSU for what was acclaimed as the most anticipated non-conference game of the season. Both teams have top-rated defenses, so many were expecting a long, back-and-forth game without much action on the scoreboard. That's not quite what happened, tho. The surprising thing to most was the comeuppance of Matt Flynn, the two-year 2nd-string quarterback. All I can say is that I've been waiting for this day. JaMarcus Russell has kept a strong hold on the position, but I've always thought Flynn was the better of the two. Maybe it's just me. The thing Flynn needed to meet his full potential was more game time. Oh well. We'll have to see how he grows this season. Maybe the bigger question might be about this year's 2nd-stringer, Ryan Perrilloux. There was some talk about him last year, but he didn't see much play. I think this year will be different; especially with two touchdowns against such a highly rated defense. Given this year to perfect his skills in a more competitive environment, next year will be an exciting one. Let's just get thru this year, first. The next three games are all gimme's, but the fourth is likely to be LSU's toughest conference game of the season, which is against Florida. I'm just hoping LSU doesn't get too cocky after a strong coming-out.