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By Michael Flanakin @ 5:37 PM :: 1542 Views :: Technology :: Digg it!

I just felt the need to give my unsolicited opinions on the whole iPhone pricing fiasco. When I first saw it, I laughed. Barely 2 months after the iPhone is released for a whopping $600, Apple announced a price drop, bringing it down to $400. Not even Sony caved that quickly with the PlayStation 3 Mobile-ready link! I find it strange that Apple would drop the price so dramatically for an infant product that's been hyped so much. Supposedly, the newly announced iPods have nothing to do with the drop, but I doubt that. I haven't seen the prices on the iPod Touch, which is the big "iPhone competitor," but I imagine it'll be between $200 and $300. Of course, this just makes dropping the price of the iPhone make so much less sense. Typically, you drop the price of your products when you either (a) aren't selling as much as you'd like or (b) are releasing something "bigger and better" and you want people to buy the old and busted goods before the new hotness comes out. While the iPhone comes with more features, I see the iPod Touch being a better seller. This was somewhat confirmed by a recent poll on Facebook. Besides, it's only a matter of time before the iPod Touch is hacked to provide phone service over the web using services like Skype. I'd expect to see that happen in a month or two. This should get AT&T's panties in a bunch.

Speaking of panties in a bunch, we can't forget the consumers. All those people who flushed $200 down the drain for early access to their iPhone are now raging against the machine Mobile-ready link, as it were. I can't say I blame them. This just seems to be a stupid move for Apple. We can only speculate as to the reasons they might make such a move that they must have expected to get burned on. As a matter of fact, their stock has already seen a hit. To try and lessen the impact on consumer satisfaction, Jobs did announce that Apple would be providing a $100 store credit to those who've already purchased an iPhone. Of course, this won't make everyone happy, but I'm sure they're at least glad to be getting something. Apple stock-holders, on the other hand, must not be too terribly happy about it, considering this will only drop stock even more.

Of course, in a few months, this will all be over with and we'll have moved on to the next headline. I just think it's funny that a company known for a "great consumer experience" can make such bonehead decisions. I just have to wonder what's on the horizon that nobody knows about.