Netflix Testing Lower Prices

By Michael Flanakin @ 1:40 PM :: 1983 Views :: Other :: Digg it!

I just have to gripe about this. For those of you who haven't been following the Netflix-Blockbuster competition, Blockbuster is losing... well, that's my opinion, anyway. Blockbuster tried it and it wasn't too successful, so they had to scale their plans back, which made them cheaper, if I remember correctly. Now, from what I gather, Netflix is trying to get a feel for how it might deal with lowering prices Mobile-ready link.Of course, they're only doing this for select individuals using their 2- or 3-out plan. This just aggravates me. Why are they rewarding people who use two of their smallest plans? Most companies try to persuade customers to upgrade by showing how they can save money on the larger plans. Netflix isn't (and has never been) that smart. In fact, they've got you at a sweet spot of 3-out for $5.67 per disc ($5.33/ea with the price drop). All plans with 4 or more out are $6/ea.

Someone at Netflix needs to get a clue. Logically, you should see a small price drop in every level, as you move up. That's what entices users to upgrade. Maybe that's the problem... the logic. Of course, I'm just bitter.