LSU Ranked #2 in Preseason Poll

By Michael Flanakin @ 4:11 AM :: 1720 Views :: LSU :: Digg it!
I'm definitely looking forward to a good season. LSU's topped only by the USC, but that doesn't mean a whole lot to me. USC seems to have it easy over there. With more than half of the SEC in the top 25 Mobile-ready link and 75% of the conference in the top 50, there's going to be some heated competition. Then again, when have you known it to be anything but in the SEC? USC's competition isn't looking too lively, as usual, with only 3 of the Pac10 in the top 25 and 60% of the conference in the top 50. Of course, these preseason numbers can be argued. We'll see as the season progresses. Life in the SEC is pretty much one game away from leading or following in the conference, so just about every game is key. There are bound to be a couple big upsets, like there are every year.