.NET-Cold Fusion Interop

By Michael Flanakin @ 2:09 PM :: 2885 Views :: .NET, Development :: Digg it!
A friend just asked me about the integration story between .NET and Cold Fusion the other day. It figures something like this would come out, but apparently Adobe is looking to enhance CF8 Mobile-ready link with the ability to access .NET objects. Back in the Macromedia days, this level of integration with Java was already added. Seeing the sharp decline of Java in the enterprise, it's no wonder Adobe's making this move. My only question is, how does this relate to the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR)? I remember hearing something about Cold Fusion support when the DLR finally gets released, but I haven't followed it that much. It's probably no surprise, but I'm not a fan of dynamic languages. I'm sure I'll get flamed for this, but it seems more like a lazy wo/man's language. Beyond that, there seems is a greater potential for buggy software. I just don't understand the selling point. To each his/her own, tho. That's why .NET is so great -- we can make these language choices on our own, yet still integrate with the rest of the platform.