Microsoft Pushing for Choice in Document Formats

By Michael Flanakin @ 9:33 AM :: 3036 Views :: Technology, Open Source/Standards :: Digg it!
Slashdotters never cease to surprise me. The imbeciles are taking Microsoft's move to stop ODF-only madates Mobile-ready link as a move against open standards. In fact, it's the exact opposite. Roles have been reversed in the ODF v. OpenXML war Mobile-ready link. The typical open source community is pushing for a one size fits all answer, when they know their solution doesn't support everyone, while Microsoft is pushing for choice. Completely backwards, I know, but people don't seem to see this. All they see is Microsoft opposing an "open standard." I only have one comment for that, tho: OpenXML is an open standard Mobile-ready link. So, by saying Microsoft is opposing open standards is completely wrong.