HD-Capable, Wearable Camera

By Michael Flanakin @ 1:17 PM :: 1740 Views :: Technology, Other :: Digg it!

I've got another gadget Mobile-ready link for ya. Unfortunately, this one's still in the works and the details are somewhat fuzzy. Apparently, Fraunhofer Institute Mobile-ready link in Germany has developed a tiny, HD-capable camera Mobile-ready link. This interests me a lot because I've been looking for a wearable camera for football. Ok, I know that sounds weird, but I play football with a group of friends every weekend. Well, mostly during the NFL season, which is obviously wrapping up on Sunday. The guys have a website, make videos, and even come out with player cards each year. It's all fun stuff. To coincide with the Superbowl, we're having HBL Bowl 8 (I think it's #8) on Sunday. Fun stuff. Anyway, I want a camera to wear so I can record games from the players' perspective. The three things that are key to this are stabilization, quality, and size of the camera. Stabilization can be handled with software, but you need a high quality video to manage that the best way. Size is the obvious one because you don't want to wear a huge camera that would just be awkward.

Fraunhofer Institute's HD-capable, mini-camcorder