Daily Giz Wiz's Slam on Zune Marketing

By Michael Flanakin @ 8:11 AM :: 1148 Views :: Technology, Other :: Digg it!
A while ago, I subscribed to the Daily Giz Wiz Mobile-ready link feed, but I haven't had a chance to listen to it, yet. Basically, the show is a 10-15 discussion on a random gizmo. After finally getting around to it, I listened to an episode on Microsoft Bob Mobile-ready link and Zune came up. Well, specifically, the Zune marketing campaign's "Welcome to the Social" slogan. I have to admit I think the slogan sounds almost pornographic, but that's a whole 'nother post on a whole 'nother weblog. Their problem with it was that they didn't understand what it meant. They got so close, too. I thought this was obvious, but maybe it's just me. I see "Welcome to the Social" to be a play off the social networking concepts of Web 2.0. It seems apparent to me they don't really know that much about the Zune. Anyway, I just had to mention it. I still plan on listening for the time being. The fact that these are shorts makes me that much more willing to put time into listening to it. We'll see how it goes.