New Egg/A-Data Aggravations

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Back in September, I put in an order to New Egg Mobile-ready link for a couple of LCD monitors. Since I just got a new phone which supported SD, I figured I'd go ahead and throw a 4GB SD card on top of that. Life was good. A few days ago, I decided to give ReadyBoost another try since I updated to the Windows Vista RTM. Low and behold, I only had 800MB or so available. Now, this is definitely odd. I also use the card for my camera, so I figured I'd go ahead and remove any photos I had saved. The problem is, there weren't many. After removing them and formatting the card, I got a whopping 970MB available for ReadyBoost. Looking at the card in Windows Explorer shows the same. From here, I'm thinking that there might possibly be some issue reading the card, so I switch to an XP machine and guess what... 970MB. Now, this aggravated me, but let me just see what I can do about it; the problem seems fairly simple.

Here I am, on the phone with the first round customer service rep, Anthony. The guy asks for my invoice number and I ask where I can find it since I don't have the paperwork from the order. He tells me he's "frazzled" and wants to start over. Again, he asks for the invoice number.

Let me pause here to say I have no patience for stupidity. I can, however, understand when someone's having a bad day. One thing a lot of people notice about me is that I'm very understanding -- usually moreso than the vast majority of people. It's hard for anyone to make me mad unless I just don't like them or they continually do stupid things -- I'm also pretty good at focusing my frustrations, for the most part. The thing people don't usually know is how bad my temper is. Let me say that, if I don't feel like customer service is helping me, I can be customer service's worst nightmare. Don't take that lightly, either. I can be the biggest bitch you ever knew, if you make me mad. Anthony, here, was on his way to getting to know that side of me...

I kindly told Anthony I didn't have any of the paperwork from the order, so he'd have to tell me how I could find it. He stumbled for a moment until I asked if there was any other way he could look my info up. "Oh, can I get your email address?" Here we go... progress. We go thru the motions and I tell him I received the wrong item. Of course, Anthony isn't a tech guy, which is why he's answering phones. He proceeds with a line of questioning that basically amounts to, "How did you not know you got the wrong thing when you opened it?" His problem was with the fact that it's been over 2 months since I ordered the card. I understand the time delay, but knew I could get around any barrier they'd try to setup. I told him the packaging all specified 4GB and there's no way to discern the difference by just looking at the box. I admit, I could've loaded it in a computer and checked it, but I can honestly say that I've never done that, and I've bought dozens of these types of things in the past. Beyond that, he still didn't understand how I couldn't tell, so he changed the subject. Remembering I mentioned I didn't have the packaging, he said I couldn't return the item without it. Now, this is stupid. I knew it was something I could overcome, tho; however, first level customer service probably wouldn't be able to do that, so I pushed for the next line of defense, Gabriel, Anthony's manager. Of course, Anthony assured me Gabriel would tell me the same thing, but I wasn't jaded. "I don't care. I want to speak to him, anyway."

Apparently, Gabriel's busy; but he didn't have one tidbit to add: the packaging wasn't required. Alright, that obstacle's out of the way, so I'm fine with continuing on with the declining value of Anthony's support. He goes back to the issue of me not knowing the difference when I first got the card, so I asked if he even knew what an SD card was. He said no. Of course; that explains it. Apparently, he's thinking the difference would be as obvious as 14" CRT and 24" widescreen LCD monitors. This annoyed me. How can you provide support for something you have absolutely no knowledge about? He put me on hold again, for the 3rd time. His bumbling idiocy was starting to get to me; but that definitely peaked when he told me to call the manufacturer to have them troubleshoot the problem. I just laughed. This is where I stopped being nice. With language in check, I told him that no troubleshooting would resolve the problem and that I purchased the card from New Egg, and New Egg would be who I talked to about it, period. On hold again... Anthony checks back once and asks me to hold a bit longer...

Gabriel asks me to re-specify my problem and then starts a search to see if it's happened before. I don't like repeating myself, but I try to give every new level a slight chance to redeem their predecessors' stupidity. After a while, Gabriel finds out that this isn't the first time this has happened and will issue a refund. I'm fine with that. More pain than I'd like, because I have to go purchase a replacement on my own, but at least the problem will be resolved.

Just so y'all can watch out for the same issue, the card I purchased was the A-Data Mobile-ready link MyFlash Turbo 150x 4GB SD card. Fortunately, it did work with Vista's ReadyBoost (in the RTM release, at least); but I'll have to find another one, so it doesn't really matter, I guess.