Unable to Start Mobile App in VS 2005

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After creating a new mobile application in Visual Studio 2005 and running it in the debugger, you receive an error message that is similar to the following:

Unable to start program '%CSIDL_PROGRAM_FILES%\MyMobileApp\MyMobileApp.exe'.
The system cannot find the file specified.


Honestly, I'm not even sure what the problem is. I searched and searched and never really found an answer that worked. There were only a very small handful of topics I could find relating to the subject. If someone knows what the problem is, please let me know.


Well, this might be an obvious one, but oh well... When I first started with this project, I was using the basic VS 2005 install, which provided support for Pocket PC 2003 and SmartPhone 2003. I knew I needed Windows Mobile 5.0, but wasn't too concerned with this. After not finding a solution to my problem, I decided to download the Windows Mobile 5.0 Developer Resource Kit. Installing this and the Pocket PC 5.0 SDK which comes with it solved my problems. I created a new project and everything worked beautifully.

Also of note: If you have an MSDN subscription, you can download the kit there.

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  • Applies to: Visual Studio 2005