Mass Mobile Storage

By Michael Flanakin @ 1:07 AM :: 2002 Views :: Development, Technology :: Digg it!

Currently, I'm looking into different storage options. The latest USB memory sticks are up to 4 GB for around $100. I like them because of their size, but I just think they're a waste of money because, as time goes on, they'll become somewhat useless. I have a 64 MB stick that I got in 2002 or 03 that's pretty much pointless. So, in trying to come up with something that'll be a little more flexible and cost effective, I come to hard drives and enclosures. With these, I have two choices: laptop or full-size hard drives. The problem is, with around $75, I can get 80 or 250 GB, respectively. No question, right? Well, let's not forget that my plan is to bring this with me everywhere. Adding one piece after another to your mobile pack gets pretty heavy. I noticed this pretty quickly after picking up a top-of-the-line Inspiron (that is still flame-free, I might add).

Actually, while I'm on the topic, I have to say that my Dell Inspiron 9300 runs better and cooler than my Toshiba Protege M400. The Toshiba's a tablet, but it sucks and it's hot as all get-out. If it's your money, save it! Get a tablet, yes, but not this one.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, hard drives... So, the question is, what's the weight difference between the two? I haven't really looked into that, yet, but I will. One of the things I like about the laptop drive is that I can organize content on each one. Let's say I have a library of hard drives. If I need to work on a BizTalk solution, i can grab my BizTalk drive that has virtual machines from random BizTalk projects I've worked on. Same thing goes for SharePoint and any other tool or technology I may work on. That seems very useful to me. I'm all about finding the best way to manage information; especially, as I consolidate 4 machines and bring in 7 years of work backups into the picture. Trying to organize all of this information so I have the right level of access when I need it can be a pain. Someone's gotta do it, tho... This is when I need an intern. Damn... Any takers? No? Oh well, it was worth a shot.

If anyone has any experience or insight in dealing with additional storage space, please share your experience. Let me know what you're thinking about doing, what you did do and how it turned out, or why you avoided the situation all-together. I'm interested. I want to make a decision fairly soon, but the chances are that I'll mix it up a little and end up getting a little of both.