Patents Stifling Innovation

By Michael Flanakin @ 11:05 PM :: 1536 Views :: Technology :: Digg it!

I'm sure we've all seen and heard the complaints about how patents supposedly stifle innovation. I'm sorry, but I'm getting sick of it. I completely understand the logic, but it's just wrong. If you truly have something innovative to contribute, all you need to do is work something out with the patent owners to either legally expand upon or at least work with the the existing ideas. The only real debate I can see against patents is that it might force some to be more creative in formulating and publicizing their ideas. If you really have something positive to share, tho, you won't have a problem. You may have to work thru the legal hoops, but that's why patents are there -- to protect intellectual property (IP). One of my biggest pet peves is when people complain about something and don't do anything real to fix it. Has anyone really tried to expand on patents? Sure, you might have to pay some licensing fee, but that's the point. Imagine if you develop some million dollar technology. Are you telling me that you'd rather give it up for free so that others can build ideas off of it? I seriously doubt it. I know I wouldn't. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about sharing ideas and the open source movement where it makes sense, but there's a thin line. If you really want to share your ideas for free, go for it. When it comes between you and a million dollars, tho, I guarrantee you'll take that million. If you really have a problem with the patent process, figure out how to make it better. Just realize that the whole point of patents is to protect IP. If you can't do that, then you're fighting a losing battle. Let's also not forget that some IP protects our lives. Information is key to life and survival. Imagine what would happen if we shared all of our information with our enemies in World War I and II or any battle, large or small, for that matter. I can go on and on with this, so I'll just leave it there... `