Spam at Work

By Michael Flanakin @ 8:13 PM :: 1484 Views :: Technology :: Digg it!

I just started my job under 2 months ago. One of the things I was very happy about when leaving my old job was getting rid of all that spam. I'd had that email address for a month short of 7 years. Being as vocal as I've been in those years can sign you up for a lot of junk email. Of course, I've learned a bit about spam since then and have tried to minimize the publicity of my email addresses, but nevertheless, they still get out. For instance, Microsoft survives on a ton of email distro lists (DLs). I have to admit that I was pretty surprised by this. When you look at the community, you don't see too many of those floating around. You'll see forum after forum, but not too many of them have DLs tied to them or on their own. It's something you'll see more in the open source world. While it has nothing to do with DLs, I personally view them as being archaic. I have absolutely no basis for this, it's just been my opinion for some strange reason. I seem to have more and more of those quirky no-reason opinions lately *smirk* Either way, like I said, I haven't even been here 2 months and I'm already getting spam. Actually, 2 days after I signed up for my first DL, I fell victim to the spam god -- or demon, as the case may be. This, and most of the ones to follow were going to DL and not me individually. However, it seems as tho I have been hit by the first one personally. This means that either someone is publishing the DL emails and/or list participants. Luckily, the emails are all replicated (check out the Campus website (internal only)), so I'll just be unsub-ing from each and every one of them. It's a pitty, because I know they can be valuable, but I'm not going to get into this spam game again. It's absolutely horrible. Microsoft really needs to realign their DLs, but I doubt that'll ever happen.