My New Favorite Shortcut

By Michael Flanakin @ 4:51 AM :: 1381 Views :: Digg it!

Keyboard shortcuts

I just discovered a new shortcut to add to my list of favorites: Alt+Esc. This moves the current window to the bottom of the "stack." Admittedly, I got a little over-excited about it at first because I thought it minimized the window. It's virtually the same effect, tho. What I'm really looking for are three things:

  1. Minimize current window
  2. Maximize/restore current window
  3. Bring window to front or top of the "stack"

If I had my way, I'd make these available with Win+Down and Win+Up for minimize and maximize/restore and Win+Shift+1 thru Win+Shift+9 to bring the first thru ninth window to the top of the stack. The latter shortcut might be problematic, when considering grouped taskbar buttons as well as the enhancements to the taskbar in Windows 7. Of course, the shortcut could simply bring up a menu, for either of these scenarios, which would still be a good enhancement.