Bug When Changing Platform (32- vs 64-bit) in Visual Studio

By Michael Flanakin @ 9:43 AM :: 2105 Views :: .NET, Development :: Digg it!

Visual Studio

Someone I work with came to me recently and showed me an interesting bug. In Visual Studio, you can force a project to be built as 32- or 64-bit by going to the project properties Build tab and specifying the target platform. He did this and then proceeded to build the app. This put all the binaries in a \bin\x86 directory. WTF!? I tried it myself and -- not that I doubted him -- I got the same results. The build directory still had the previous value of \bin\Debug, so I found this odd. I changed the build directory to \__bin\Debug and guess what... that's exactly where it went. I thought this was odd, but remembered the IE7 bug on Windows Server 2003 I mentioned a few months back. I changed it back to \bin\Debug and everything worked like a charm.

It looks like changing the target platform changes the build location and, to get around that, change the build directory to something else, save the properties, and change it back. Annoying, but at least you only have to do this once. I went ahead and added this to Connect.