MSTest Helper: Create Private Accessor

By Michael Flanakin @ 2:03 PM :: 7703 Views :: .NET, Development :: Digg it!

I just found something very useful in Visual Studio 2008 a few days ago. I've been using MSTest for about 2 years, now, and one thing I liked initially was the wizard that would generate test stubs for you. I liked that it gave you somewhere to start. After using it more and more, I began to hate it, tho. I guess the problem is I'm anal about how my code looks and I end up changing everything. So, I started generating the classes myself. The only problem with this approach is the private member accessor the wizard generates is no longer there. Not desirable, but there's an easy fix: run thru the wizard quickly and delete the methods. At least, that was until a few days ago. In VS08, all you need to do is open the file of the desired class, right click the background, select the Create Private Accessor menu item, and then pick the test project to add it to. VS has so many menu items, it's easy to overlook the really useful ones, so I figured this one was worth sharing. Hopefully, Sara Ford Syndicated feed is listening.

Creating a private accessor with MSTest in VS 2008