IBM Banned from Federal US Contracts

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IBM banned from US federal contracts

Someone stopped by my desk yesterday and informed me of some interesting news: IBM has been banned from receiving federal contracts in the US. Apparently, this is due to questions behind how they obtained an EPA contract. This is a huge deal for IBM and I can't see it sticking for too long. I find this very interesting, because IBM has a huge footprint in the US federal space. I also can't help but wonder, if this does stick around for any significant period of time -- even just a few months -- that's not only going to hurt IBM, but it will most likely boost MCS engagements, which is what really touches home, for me.

Despite the fact that there's no love lost for this, it reminds me of a comment someone made about how corporations don't lay off people, people lay off people. I hate when I see stuff like this because you know... or, at least you hope the company isn't stupid enough to have some sort of policy to mandate illegal or unethical practices. I feel the same way about governments: governments aren't evil, people are. It drives me crazy when people make blanket statements about groups of individuals without recognizing they are, in fact, individuals.