Keyboard Shortcuts

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Keyboard shortcuts


First, let me say that this is a very, very rough draft of this list. I wanted to jot down a couple of my most used keyboard shortcuts to share. Don't expect to see the ones that are readily available in just about all programs (i.e. Ctrl+C). Instead, I'm going to try to focus on ones that aren't obvious and seemingly hidden. If you have any of interest, feel free to let me know!

[Nov 5, 2008]
Wow, it's been a while since I found a good shortcut. This shortcut is one I've been wanting for a while, tho... kind of. It sends the currently selected window to the bottom of the "stack." Pretty nice. Now, I just need a shortcut to bring one to the front or top of the "stack."

[Mar 12, 2007]
I added an old favorite that must've slipped my mind: the Windows context menu shortcut. This, along with the start menu shortcut, can be very useful when you don't have access to a Windows keyboard, despite the fact that they've become fairly ubiquitous over the years.

[Feb 19, 2007]
Some new and some old, I decided to add some Excel shortcuts after finding out about the shortcut to switch between worksheets, which I've been wanting for years.

[Feb 11, 2007]
Added links to Visual Studio 2005 keyboard shortcut references for VB, C#, and C++.

[Feb 2, 2007]
Added additional Visual Studio shortcuts.